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Member since:2022-11-11
Last login:2024-04-13
Points Hall of Fame this year (tot):42 (111)
Year of birth:1970
PB Weekly Race:255
Bronze (2 stars) (26 p.)
To next level: 9 p.

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Daily Q: 2 correct answers (of 12)

The League: Division 2:2


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Competition Info
Quarterfinal Players Cup 20246 points
Winner Entertainment-Cup 2023-033 points
Participated DailyQ 2023-022 points
Participated DailyQ 2022-122 points
Participated Players Cup 20242 points
Winner division 3:2 The League 2024-02 (242)2 points
Participated DailyQ 2023-072 points
Participated DailyQ 2023-012 points
Participated DailyQ 2023-042 points
Participated Players Cup Spring 20232 points

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