Weekly Race

Answer randomly selected questions. Points are given for correct answers, time and difficulty.

Start race
End time:12-10 23:50
1habobo Sweden.gif 349
2loic Greece.gif 336
3monkeymagic UK.gif 327
4vasi Greece.gif 291
5JohnJ Spain.gif 271
6ConTh Sweden.gif 232
7Romex Norway.gif 217
8Markontic Serbia.gif 106
9nantia Greece.gif 92

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Race - Info

This is how it works:

  • Questions are randomly selected
  • You may try once a day
  • Every question has a difficulty level 0-100
  • Points at correct answer:
    Base point equals difficulty
    Time gives +50 points if answer is within 10 seconds. Point is reduced with 10 every second until a minimum value of -100 (25 s)
  • Points at wrong answer:
    Base point equals reversed difficulty (if difficulty is 75 you get -25)
    Time has same affect as for correct answer but you may not get point over 0 at wrong answer.

    Highest score at the end of the Race wins!