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Member since:2006-11-26
Last login:2024-05-23
Points Hall of Fame this year (total):66 (1267)
Year of birth:1982
PB Weekly Race:451
Silver (53 p.)
To next level: 47 p.

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Daily Q: 12 correct answers (of 20)

The League: Division 4:8

Players Cup: Group 3


Merits (1267 points)

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Competition Info
1/8 round Players Cup Spring 20134 points
Winner month Head2Head 2018-044 points
Winner month Head2Head 2017-114 points
Winner month Head2Head 2018-114 points
Winner month Head2Head 2016-124 points
1/8 round Players Cup Winter 20114 points
2nd place month Head2Head 2017-123 points
Winner Culture-Cup 2024-033 points
2nd place month Head2Head 2018-023 points
2nd place Head2Head 2018-023 points

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Napoleon Bonaparte
Russian Authors
Which Author
Alexander the Great
David Lynch films

Number of grades 5, Average Grade 4
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