Weekly Race

Answer randomly selected questions. Points are given for correct answers, time and difficulty.

Current champ: monkeymagic
Final score
1monkeymagic gb.png 377
2ConTh se.png 355
3loic gr.png 353
4justakid au.png 346 NR
5vasi gr.png 303
6JohnJ es.png 281
7nantia gr.png 267
8Romex no.png 245
9Sianpaeae fi.png 213
10Heela dk.png 127
11Markontic rs.png 0

WR-World Record, NR-Nation Record, PB-Personal Best

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This is how it works:

  • 5 questions are randomly selected
  • You may try once a day, every competition lasts one week
  • Every question has a difficulty level 0-100
  • Points at correct answer:
    Base point equals difficulty
    Time gives +50 points if answer is within 10 seconds. Point is reduced with 10 every second until a minimum value of -100 (25 s)
  • Points at wrong answer:
    Base point equals reversed difficulty (if difficulty is 75 you get -25)
    Time has same affect as for correct answer but you may not get point over 0 at wrong answer.

    Highest score at the end of the Race wins!